The Optimal Life, It’s Not Perfect, Just Better!

On LinkedIn, mine is LMNOP. Yes, that is the suffix after my name which requires explanation.

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You don’t know me, but I consider myself to be pretty much of a smart-ass. Not smart as in intelligent or wise, but smart as in stinging dry and occasionally intellectual wit with scarcely a hint of sheer insanity.

I’d noticed many of my connections on LinkedIn have a plethora…

The Optimal Life

United States Postal System Gets Real

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I recently discovered something that impressed me about the United States Postal Service, USPS. Yes, there are many chronic problems even before the Trump White House did their best to make it worse. Slow delivery is still rampant, and unfortunately, something which should be as fundamental as mail delivery has…

The Optimal Life, It’s Not Perfect, Just Better!

I have a need for speed.

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Besides the basics, oxygen, water, and food, there are two other elements which many would consider as basics in modern society: electricity and the internet. While you can certainly survive indefinitely without those last two, you’d know you would be missing out. I’m going to leave you on your own…

The Optimal Life, It’s Not Perfect, Just Better!

Stop unwanted phone call solicitations

No one wants to be interrupted by an unwanted phone or text solicitation. Life’s far too busy to deal with that. Add your name to the Do Not Call Registry to eliminate unwanted calls and texts. Even though it’s been around for a while, many have yet to take advantage of this.

Unfortunately, some companies do not honor your request, so it’s up to you to report them. It will take time but it’s the only way to stop them. Plus, you should also block those calls on your mobile device.

You can register your phone number in the USA, check to see if you’re already registered, and report any unwanted calls. A little time now will benefit you in the future. Other countries also have a registry.


The Optimal Life, It’s Not Perfect, Just Better!

Eliminate to boost your productivity

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There are a plethora of articles on how to boost your productivity with behavioral changes, Pomodoro technique, batching tasks, standing desks, waking up at 0500, and more. If you’re reading this, I’m confident you read plenty of other productivity articles, but I think this simple one will be equally valuable…

Stephen J. Lalla, LMNOP

The Optimal Life, It’s Not Perfect, Just Better! I’ve been on a many decade’s long quest to optimize my life in all areas and would love to help you do the same

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